Our home on Apartment Therapy

It's a strange feeling being asked if you're into the idea of a photographer taking photos of your home for Apartment Therapy.  Particularly when half of it is still unpainted, and you're slowly renovating the smallest little house in the world, which is also where you work.  Jason and I pretty much had a full on anxiety attack, ok, so maybe that was just me! But... we did have a quick marathon paint of a few rooms, and of course, living and working in such a small space, meant that there was less to do.

I have to say it was a real pleasure meeting photographer Natalie Jeffcott  who took the most gorgeous photos, and feature on our home.   Like most people, there are always things we want to change about our home, and it's a work in progress, but it's way cool seeing our home featured on Apartment Therapy House Tours.

Full feature, and interview with links over here :)

Photography by Natalie Jeffcott. To see more of her amazing work,  check out Natalie's site. 

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