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Inaluxe prints, news, and a big hello!

It's been quite some time since writing up a blog post.  Since the last post, alot has happened.  We worked on some amazing collaborations with Tattly in Brooklyn, designed a mural for the Darebin city Council, saw the release of some new Earth Greetings goodies, and as its been almost a year now, I am sure I forgot something.  We moved house... We've pretty much settled into the new home and studio, and I will share some photos when time allows, we're just busy making things happen in the garden at the moment.   I've included some images from our instagram feed here on studio and art news... come say hi, and see what's been happening. We'd love to see you.  I have some shrubs I need to turn into pom poms today.  I'm completely obsessed with trimming furry bushes into balls.  I've also discovered that second to art, the garden is my greatest joy. I just love it out there. Something truly magical about plants, nature, animals. From the smallest ladybug …

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