12 October 2013

Maison Alice + Inaluxe

We have some news! we worked on a limited edition design for Masion Alice based on our shipping news range, and it's out now.  Nice and big, the size is A1, 594mm x 841mm,  and each one is signed, and numbered by me.  Now available through Maison Alice.  Here are a few photos. The first photo shows our design The Marina design alongside Paul Thurlby's Boats design. 


  1. Congrats :)

    & it's a gorgeous piece - I'm always taken by your use of colour.

  2. I wish you sold A1 size locally here in OZ...

  3. and this looks good too.
    always a joy, n♥

  4. Thank you very much everyone - it's always so nice working on projects with other creative people. :) Nat, I just thought I'd let you know, I'm pretty sure Maison Alice ship internationally, so it should be available worldwide. :) Thanks again, Kristina


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