13 September 2013

a thousand words

It's fair to say we don't have many photos of ourselves on the net.  There are some people who are in front of the camera all the time, and I wish I could do that, but the truth is, I hate having my photo taken.  Jason's not quite as bad as I am, actually I think he's one of those people who loves it! We are such opposites in so many ways. It's that difference that makes for a very entertaining working relationship.  And just to show we really are real people, here  is a little collage of some recent photos we took, of our work,  a little part of our home, and lastly, us.  

We hope you all have a lovely weekend, and thank you all for your patience with regard to our absence over the last week.  We are slowly getting back on track, and now back home following my grandmother's funeral.  It was an incredibly sad, but beautiful day.  See you all in a week or so....

© i n a l u x e 


  1. well wishes are being sent :) I went into Ikea last week with the boys and just loved seeing your print there...the boys probably thought I was strange when I reacted so excitedly! cheers, sam

  2. sweet of you, guys, to show yourselves. a face to a product is always very much appreciated.
    my friend who's tending a little shop of curiosities in a brussels suburb is stocking two of your postcards. so surprised, and chuffed, to recognize some of your work in her settings.
    can you tell i'm an inaluxe fan?

  3. Well, hello there! Nice to have some faces to your lovely work!

  4. Ps. What is that sculpture to the left? It's beyond gorgeous!!

  5. Hi Sam, oh that's amazing there are still a few prints in IKEA. We believe they mostly sold out, but I guess it depends on the store, and stock levels, with some still available. :) I love that you were excited when you saw them - that is so cool! x K

  6. Hi N, so nice to know there are little bits of inaluxe in Brussels! Never would have thought the designs would go so far around the world, where we cannot always be! We are so flattered you like our work... xoxo hugs from us both! Kristina.

  7. Hi Tove, so glad you like the photos! I think it is good to share a face to a brand, or art, when it feels comfortable (of course). It's not necessary, but it does feel good to have finally gotten around to some more recent pics of us! The sculpture on the far left is one I made nearly 10 years ago now. It's a bronze cast, and it's so heavy, it hurts. Sculpture is something we have both been discussing lately, and something we'd both love to do more of... so little time, so many ideas! So glad you like it. I absolutely enjoyed the process of the lost wax, and the casting... really would love to do more again - soon. Thanks heaps! Kristina.

  8. I pinned your prints ages ago and am now only just discovering the wonderful world of Inaluxe. You should've seen my excitement when I read that you're based right here in Victoria! My question is regarding the artworks you have featured in this blogpost. I'm assuming they are original artworks? The framing is beautiful. Do you ever sell originals? Would it be possible to mount prints in the fashion shown here?


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