we're back

We are back, and our shop is now open again. October just flew by, almost like magic. Here one second, gone the next.  We are now busy catching up with a months worth of emails, and while there is a fair bit there, we ought to have replied to everyone within the next 24 hours. That's the aim. :)  As well as working on art in October, we had no studio or access to our shop, and the renovations are not quite complete, but nearly there.  During October we also found ourselves foster parents to two baby starlings who fell out of their nest (in our roof - yes, our roof) and down into our wall. We had to cut a small hole in the plaster to rescue them.  One has since flown away and joined the parents, but the other is still with us. Now flying around free in the yard, and learning the ways of the world, although it's only been two days of flight, and he comes back for food every few hours. He hasn't quite mastered feeding himself entirely.  So many other things happened during October, but it's not everyday you are responsible for a wild little bird or two, and trying to work out the best way to give them the best chance of life.  It's really been an incredible insight into bird behaviour.  And that's pretty amazing. We will try and get some photos of the little Starling and share with you all.  And this isn't quite a starling, but here is a design we worked on - the Superb Lyrebird. A work in progress. 

inaluxe - superb lyrebird

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