04 January 2012

the proof

I used to love taking photos of the house, our garden, people we see, life as it happens.  Got too busy, and stopped doing that, but hopefully this year will see some change there, and some more balance.  Rest, harmony, and health.  Here are a few photos taken today around the house.  I like how the walls are still in undercoat stage - it's proof that they need painting. Just in case I need a reminder!

The lavender babushka is from freckled sparrow and after a year and a half still smells as delicious as ever! 


  1. wishing you a happy and colorful new year

  2. Happy New Year, and Happy House Renovating.... like you, I've slacked off on the blogging and need to see if this can be rectified. I think it's going to be a great year, so I need to fit in the time to share that!

  3. this time of year is the best for all big eyes and seeing dreams made tangible: Happy New Year

  4. Thank you for the New Year wishes. It looks like you had a fabulous 2011! I'm excited to see what your shop and blog have in store this year.

  5. Cheers to rest, harmony and health! Your images are so restful and I love those tripod legs on your lamp. x Jen

  6. Thank you for the lovely wishes everyone - we wish you all a super fun new year too. Hoping it's already proving to be positively glowing! xoxo hugs, K.


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