10 July 2010

six blogs award

We got an award! A lovely big thank you to Galit from slow lane notes for the Versatile Blogger Award.  I really love slow lane notes and no! not just saying that! Totally gorgeous all the time.  Check out the awesome Slow Lane shop too.  Thank you Galit!

The Versatile Blogger Award's rules are - you must say 7 things about yourself and pass the award on to some of your favorite blogs and let them know.  

So here it is - brain malfunction and all (slow morning here).

1. Favourite colour at the moment is pink.Completely mad about it!
2. I need to tie my hair up to do just about anything - it's wild, long, and crazy.
3. I like orange and black nail polish. Not at the same time - that's just gross!
4. There's nothing nicer than a fabric hardcover vintage book - truly.
5. I like electric power tools more than electric ovens. 
6. Living in the middle of nowhere (at night) is like being in outerspace.
7. I'm social when I'm with people, but I prefer not to be with people - Weirdo.

that was a bit of fun, and I'm not someone you should take too seriously. Thanks Galit! I would like to pass this award on to everyone I know - ha! But, I think I need to narrow it down, so here it goes...  Jenny - the balm :: Tania - a place to be in the world of me :: Guusje - guusjes appeltaart  ::  ambette - ambette :: Mary - mary zeran :: Marlous - planet fur

"In the Pink aka Instant Collection"  gouache on paper 2009.  Have a super weekend all - it's pouring rain here, and cold as. More from inaluxe HQ soon. :)