15 April 2010

NEW Cards

New cards! Fold cards infact, and on 100% recycled matt. I am in love with this paper.  Been listening to John Coltrane's  Love Supreme this morning, and just had a coffee visit from my mum. Nice! Hope you're all having a lovely day. A new inaluxe giveaway competition coming soon.... oooohhhh!


  1. Every time I see these cards, here there and everywhere, I am blown away.
    Each new viewing is almost like the first time, they are electric K.



  2. Hey J, not as blown away as you are when you see me I imagine! ha ha ha. kiss kiss, K. I'll keep the crap jokes coming as long as you keep the smiles rollin'. (think I get the better deal overall!).

  3. Aloha! I love your art, and these cards! May I ask who you get your cards printed through and where you get the cool "hold em' together" thing? I am also an artist :) www.OceanGirlArt.com
    Mahalo from an island in the sea!
    Elise Nicole


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