21 March 2010

sliced au-go-go

Life is a bit of a holding pattern at the moment - hopefully I will have some real time and good news to share with you all soon, but until then, I just can't keep up with blogging as much as I'd like.  One thing keeping me sane is art work.... here is a new piece. Called 'sliced au-go-go' a little bit of groovy for your wall! Available for purchase as a Giclee here. .

kisses, hugs, and many thanks to everyone who has commented on my previous post for help. Please feel free to add more suggestions, favourites etc


  1. I LOVE this piece Kristina! Just fabulous :)
    Don't worry about blogging - I think we all come to this point where life takes over and we aren't on it as much as before. That's what I love about following - whenever you do have time to come back I see you in my Reader and can visit ;) Good luck with all your busy-ness :) K

  2. Wow. You've done it again! Constantly surprising us with new kinds of unexpected visual delights, aren't you! As much as I love everything you do, when I look at this piece I feel like this one is really gonna go places! Including our place, hopefully, when we find one!

  3. really luv the shapes + colour arrangements of your patterns!

  4. I love this peace, great job! My last purchase is hanging. And even my (allways very critic) love liked it very much!

  5. wow!!!! this work is so nice!
    and again, i'm so in love with your colours and textures.

  6. I am in love with the colors, texture and line of your work. What medium do you do your original work in? Following you. Thanks for a lovely blog. Pam

  7. Hello everyone,

    thank you everyone for all the awesome cool comments, I've been sick all week, some kind of bug virus thing, so I'm just getting through things right now. Drats!

    You're all so lovely! xo

    Pam, I use gouache for the painting - on paper.

    moetjatja, thank you for the smile. Glad you love your last purchase.

    kisses and hugs all round! xo


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