02 December 2009


It's been a hard and long process... Jase and I looked far and wide for our 2010 calendar, and we found so many we loved, but at the end of the day, one just kind of clicked for both of us.  It suits our aesthetic really well, and it's on the largish size and has space to put appointments in, and so on.  We both need to be super organised, so "room to write" is a must. Ha!

To cut a long story short - it arrived yesterday, and we love it!  The Odd-Sostarko family wall calendar for 2010 is courtesy of Belinda from gretchenmist

Here is a beautiful photo of the calendar courtesy of gretchenmist.  And our package also included some of Belinda's awesome mini gift cards too. They are so lovely: they really appeal to my liking for getting 'up close and personal' with work. 

Thank you Belinda - you're awesome! xo

And now I'm off to do house cleaning domestic type stuff. Excitement +
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